Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my son/daughter/grandchild to the jam?

Although the Beginners and Improvers evenings are aimed at adults, you are welcome to bring your children with you, provided they remain under your supervision throughout the evening. They may not be left unattended. Leaders of the group cannot take responsibility for children.

Children over 12 can come to the jams at the Talking Heads pub provided they are accompanied by a responsible adult.

I'm interested in joining but am a complete beginner, how does that work?

You are very welcome to come along to any of our jam evenings, but you may initially find the beginners and improvers group helpful to get you started. You can see when and where we next meet from the calendar page on our website:
The jam evenings start at 7:00 promptly, the beginners and improvers evenings at 7:15pm. It is a good idea to get there early.
Each time, the new beginners group learns 3 or 4 chords and practises songs using just those chords. We work our way through a booklet of easy songs for which we ask a donation of £1 to a cancer charity). Once you have been to 6 B&I evenings you will have covered all the basic chords in the booklet. You may find that if you can already strum a few chords you won’t even need to come to the new beginners group, in which case you could just join in with the main group in the bigger room.
We post the songs up on the website a few days beforehand. For B&I evenings go to: (check the date on the page to make sure you are looking at the right one).
We also have addition information about the Beginners and Improvers group here:, including tips on getting started and links to various helpful websites.

Do you offer ukulele lessons?

Generally we don't offer lessons, as such. The ukulele is a relatively easy instrument to get started with and once we have given you a few tips on holding and tuning, most people are able to start strumming along from their first evening. After that 'practice makes perfect' as they say.

People who have played the guitar before tend to have no problem picking up the ukulele chord shapes (although it's easy to get confused if you continue to play both instruments. We think that once you've started playing the ukulele you'll be hooked and probably won't want to swap back!).

At the Beginners and Improvers evenings we often run a separate group for new beginners where we go through a series of very easy songs from a booklet we have available. You may find this a good way to get started. The introduction for new beginners starts promptly at 7.15pm.

We tend to try and run through songs more slowly at Beginners and Improvers, although sometimes our enthusiasm runs away with us, so please say if you'd like us to slow down or go over something again.

How can I find out what songs you'll be playing?

For the jams at the Talking Heads pub , for the Beginners and Improvers evenings and for gigs we usually post up a song list a few days beforehand under the calendar section of the website

For the Wednesday extra jam we use a projector to show the lyrics and chords on a screen.

How do I join?

There is no membership requirement. Just come along to one of our evenings.

How can I buy a Southampton Ukulele Jam t-shirt or hoodie?

Get the t-shirt (£7.50) or hoodie (£21) by ordering through this link  (please note - we don't deliver, so you will need to come to the jam or beginners and improvers to collect/pay.)

Do I need a ukulele?

You don't even need to buy a ukulele before you join, as we usually have a few spares at the Beginners and Improvers group for new beginners, so you can borrow one for the evening to see how you like it. If you decide to keep coming you will need a ukulele to practise with and maybe even to play at gigs.