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    Posted by Jenny on 14/07/2016

    Thank you for a lovely evening at our Car Club BBQ - absolutely brilliant fun.

    Posted by Kathi Coffin on 10/04/2016

    Thank you for your support at the 200th Southampton Parkrun, great fun, great runner participation!

    Posted by Derek Budd on 05/12/2015

    As a former Southampton resident I was delighted to come across your performances on YouTube. Without doubt the most enthusiastic I have come across. I am a member of St Hilda's Ukes in Hythe, Kent and at the age of 70 have just taken up playing, the best hobby I have ever undertaken. You are so fortunate to have such an entertaining and energetic leader. See you at Cheltenham perhaps?

    Posted by Tamsyn on 12/10/2015

    Thank you so much for serenading the runners at Southmapton parkrun on Saturday. It was a great event, and I LOVED your version of Rawhide :-)

    Posted by Jen Brown on 19/09/2015   Email

    As a visiting BLUEMUGS player from the Blue Mountains of NSW just wanted to say thanks for making me so welcome at your Portswood jams. You are one very inspiring group.

    Posted by Sher on 09/08/2015   Email

    Hi there, some great songs in your group's lineup. Congrats (from New Zealand) :)

    Posted by Plantshack on 31/05/2015   Email

    What a fantastic performance at Solent Gardening event today We were exhibiting right opposite and thoroughly enjoyed both performances Inspirational and highly engaging. Well done to you all and thank you from the Plantshack team

    Posted by Alec Smith on 02/12/2014   Email

    Came to the Beginners session last night as a very nervous first timer. Thank you to everyone for creating an atmosphere which made me want to come again and practise to get better.

    Posted by Larry D on 25/09/2014

    Wonderful site...tooo bad you are so far away. Thanks for sharing though. TA

    Posted by Hazel - Music Postbox on 15/06/2014   Email

    I'm a new music shop opened in West End village opposite In Excess. I have a broad range of ukuleles together with strings, padded bags, stands and music all at great prices. Come and see for yourself. Open Tues, Thirs and Fri 10.30 -5pm Sunday 10.30 - 4pm Come and see for yourself. Hopefully see you soon. Thank you Hazel

    Posted by Marie on 10/02/2014

    Came tonight, 10 Feb, for the first time - loved it....what a great atmosphere and great songs...thanks.

    Posted by albie on 28/12/2013   Email


    Posted by JOCK HENDERSON on 14/09/2013   Email

    You lads and lassies are awesome and love watching you on YOU TUBE,keep up the great work.

    Posted by Jackie on 03/09/2013   Email

    DearUJ. I went to the Victoria park festival on Saturday and took my dad in his eighties, confused at times, my mum and my grandchildren. They sat through the whole of your set,and I can say I have not seen my dad so happy and animated for years! Thank you. It's their 60th wedding anniversary garden party on Sunday .i suppose its too late to book a song? Do you do private functions for future reference? Jackie

    Posted by Kelly on 31/08/2013   Email

    You guys were awesome at the world rhythm day today! Spencer my 3 year old son was loving it with his uke at the front! Well done guys.

    Posted by Maz Inglis on 31/08/2013   Email

    Saw you for the first time at 'Vicky Park', during World Rhythms Day. You were brilliant, & I just loved your rapport with us, your audience.

    Posted by Glenda on 18/06/2013

    I meant to leave a message a while ago but only just thought about it (fibro fog) you were all fantastic at the Fibromyalgia Conference back in April, everyone had such a fabulous time and were talking about you guys for ages. Hope to see you all again at one of the local (Southampton/Eastleigh area) events.

    Posted by Lucy on 10/06/2013

    Many thanks for playing at Chandlers Ford Library on the 25th June. Everyone had a wonderful time and you certainly brought the celebrations to life! Many thanks.

    Posted by louise on 25/05/2013   Email

    Hi all, Me and my daughter caught your show at the Salisbury festival today and I have to say you were the highlight - great choice of songs and wonderful arrangements performances- we loved it!

    Posted by Gill on 19/05/2013

    Just want to say how much we all enjoyed your performance raising money for the Avenue Centre. It was a joy to behold!

    Posted by Steve Paige on 29/01/2013   Email

    I have a Kala ka pwt pacific walnut ukulele for sale. Pretty much brand new with Aquila strings. They retail at around £120. I'd like £85. Please email if you are interested.

    Posted by Claire Foster on 19/01/2013   Email

    Thanks so much for playing at the British Psychosocial Oncology Society conference hosted by the Macmillan Survivorship Research Group, University of Southampton. You were fantastic and greatly enjoyed by all!! Hard to beat! Think you've got a few people wanting to take up the ukelele!!

    Posted by Claire on 15/10/2012

    Hola amigos! I just wanted say how awesome you guys were at the Pumpkin Festival on Saturday - you really made me & plenty of others in the tent smile on a otherwise very damp & wet day. Great music and an amazing bunch!! :)

    Posted by Rosemary on 25/09/2012

    Hi Dougal, I think it was you I was chatting with yesterday at the jam, in which case you have answered your own question. It can't hurt to give both a try. See you at beginners/improvers next Monday!

    Posted by Dougal Cardigan on 24/09/2012   Email

    Recent Uke Addiction - my wife has officially become a ukulele widow since she bought me my first ever musical instrument, a uke. I've been playing for 9 days and I can't put it down ! I was away at a hotel for a conference this weekend and ordered by my colleagues to start playing and had to oblige ! I will be coming along to the jam sessions or beginners/improvers but open to suggestions as to which would be best for me to come to ?

    Posted by Steve Carter on 03/08/2012

    Thanks for raising two hundred and fifty pounds for Mind, a cause which we as a family support in memory of our dear son, Ian, who died tragically last September. As we are just approaching the anniversary, it is specially comforting. I should tell you that I have a fair amount of George Formby on vinyl. Little Ukelele, swimming with the wimmin, leaning on the lamp, little stick of Blackpool rock, old kitchen kettle and many more. I can almost smell the woodbines again. I am not sure whether Ian's name got a mention in your collection, but it has appeared as a donation in his Mind memory space page, so a million thanks from the bottom of our hearts!

    Posted by Jean on 09/07/2012

    Hi there, just wanted to say what a great bunch of uke players you are. Found the video of your gig in Didcot Civil Centre on youtube and simply can't stop watching it - awesome !!!! I also play the ukulele and, together with a friend of mine, created a uke session in Bremen, Germany. We are now up to 50 and doing gigs too, so a bit like you do... :) Feel free to visit our website - and if I am near Southampton I might pop round for a jam :) cheers and keep it on, great work !!!

    Posted by Neil Kelly on 02/07/2012   Email

    Hi Folks For sale: Lovely KALA semi-acoustic uke, as new, £ 120.00:- RRP £189.00. Eqaully lovely LAIKAI acoustic uke with top range hard Stagg cae £ 50.00:- RRP £85.00 And that leaves me with only 8 string intruments left - breathing space! 023 80583696: 07884472411 Neil

    Posted by Kirsty on 20/05/2012

    My family and I watched you perform at the Watercress festival today and really enjoyed singing along with you all. Thank you for a fun time Kx

    Posted by wendy on 20/05/2012

    Congratulations and thank you for an excellent performance at the Alresford watercress festival today 20th May 2012. You provided real entertainment.. I now have a far better impression of the Ukulele... which I have to admit I used to connect only with George Formby :)

    Posted by Barbara on 03/05/2012

    Ukelele's playing on Saturday 12th May 2012 at St. Mark's Church, Archers Road Southampton 11am - 2pm Come along and watch

    Posted by Jo Hallett on 10/01/2012

    Went to the Beginners/Improvers group last night at the Trojan Rugby Club and LOVED it! Bought my ukulele a week ago and am hooked. Looking forward to the next group. Thanks Rosemary.

    Posted by Edward Sell on 14/12/2011   Email

    Went to the last Jam at the Talking Heads, loved it and will be back. Did not realise how close you guys are from Hedge End! Great Stuff. Will be back with more controversial suggestions!

    Posted by uta on 10/07/2011   Email

    Hi, just returned from Eastleigh Mela.We had a brilliant time listening to you and also enjoyed the workshop. If you're ever coming to Portsmouth-we'll be there and cheer you on!!

    Posted by Bob & Margaret Weddell on 16/05/2011   Email

    Saw you at the Watercress Festival - two brilliant sessions and Margaret realyy enjoyed the workshop in the church. It is a real pity we live in Sussex (Crawley) - bit too far to pop down on a Monday night but we will look for a nearer group.

    Posted by Russell Bennett on 13/03/2011   Email

    Hi everyobe, I have a sturdy music stand for sale. It secondhand but in good condition and most importantly it does not wobble. I have given it a good polish and clean. A couple of small spots of rust on it, thats all. Drop me an email if you would like it only £5. Thanks, Russell.

    Posted by Russell Bennett on 13/03/2011   Email

    Hi everyobe, I have a sturdy music stand for sale. It secondhand but in good condition and most importantly it does not wobble. I have given it a good polish and clean. A couple of small spots of rust on it, thats all. Drop me an email if you would like it only £5. Thanks, Russell.

    Posted by Martyn Tanner on 10/03/2011

    Tenor Ukulele Gig Bag has now been sold

    Posted by Colin Spiraltone McUke on 09/03/2011   Email

    ******STOP PRESS******STOP PRESS******STOP PRESS******STOP PRESS******STOP PRESS The Spiraltones are playing The Soul Cellar on Friday 15th of April. Big night for The 'Tones, hope you can join us XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Posted by Neil on 20/01/2011   Email

    Hi Martyn Have you still got the Uke gig bag Neil

    Posted by julie warren on 15/01/2011   Email

    Hi my daughter is 10 and is learning the ukulele at junior school but this will stop when she finishes at school in july this year does anyone know of any clubs in soton area aimed at teaching children as she really wants to carry on playing many thanks julie

    Posted by C McUke on 12/01/2011

    Hey Ho Ukers, I spoke with Mark (who has now formally taken over the Talking Heads lease from Simon) on Monday before Joshua Tree. He was very concerned to hear of our acoustic difficulties. He is obviously keen to keep us there. We both felt that trying to move back to the middle of the pub was un-workable (there is just too many of us) so our conversation revolved around how to improve the acoustics in the area near the stage. So, as a first try, Mark has agreed to move the curtains, that are currently up near the bar, to hang between the sound desk and the opposite wall. (this is something he was considering anyway ~ our conversation just brought his plan forward). I believe that will help concentrate the sound. He plans to do this at the end of January (when the pantomime finishes) In the meantime, I suggest we try to arrange ourselves a little close to each other (any suggestions how? Use the Stage/???? Heres hoping. ON ANOTHER TALKING HEADS RELATED

    Posted by Rosemary on 07/01/2011

    Hi Rick, Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you like the sound of our group. It really is very friendly and new ukers are always welcome. Please do come along to one of our events. For example, there's a jam at the Joshua Tree on Monday 10th January or the regular jam at the Talking Heads the following week. Happy Ukeing! Rosemary

    Posted by Rick Woodhams on 06/01/2011   Email

    Hi, just like to say how interesting your group sounds. I live in Stubbington and been playing for 6 months.

    Posted by Martyn on 08/12/2010   Email

    FOR SALE: A well padded gig bag for a tenor ukulele. It has shoulder straps, carry straps and a large pocket on the front for sundry items. Originally purchased from Southern Ukulele Store for about £19. I am happy to sell it for £9 as I no longer need it and it is just lingering in a cupboard.

    Posted by Colin McUke Spiraltone on 08/12/2010

    *******STOP PRESS******* THE SPIRALTONES UNPLUGGED AND DANGEROUS You favourite uke centric band The Spiraltones are performing an acoustic set at The Southwestern Arms on Thursday 16th of December. No mics, no amps just music!!On the bill too are the fantastic James Cavey (Timshel) the mighty Tom Caulfield and the fragrant Nick Tann (who organises the night) This event is for all you stripped back music fans and will be an evening NOT to be missed!!

    Posted by McUke on 04/12/2010

    Hello, I'm enjoying the fact that I can add calender events straight to my gmail calender which automatically updates the calender on my phone. . . . Do you happen to know a way that I can import the whole calender...... I thing I might need a Jam gmail address/ account....

    Posted by Rosemary on 03/12/2010

    Thanks for letting us know about the White Ribbon link not working. It should be ok again now.

    Posted by Rosemary on 03/12/2010

    Does anyone have a copy of the DVD 'Mighty Uke' or would you be interested in getting one? See:

    Posted by Julian on 02/12/2010

    Your comment has been noticed and management are working on the problem right now.

    Posted by McUke on 02/12/2010   Email

    Wait, yes I do...... whaen you click on little photos in the gallery it takes you to a big photo, apart from the White Ribbon one that takes you back to the home page. . .

    Posted by McUke on 02/12/2010   Email

    I have nothing to say

    Posted by Eddie on 29/11/2010


    Posted by Julian on 26/11/2010

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