There is a set of 37 songs (currently) that the jam tends to use as its basic repertoire. Although at gigs we may play them in any order, the number should remain consistent so the next time we add a song it will be number 38. Having said that, over time (probably only a couple of times a year) we may review the situation and drop songs and replace them so if you haven't gigged for a while, it's always worth double checking below.  

If you use Spotify, there is a playlist of all the songs here - although often there is a major difference between how the SUJ tackle a song (often to the ground and bruising it quite badly) and the original. 

1)Bad Moon Rising
2) Folsom Prison Blues
3) Boots
4) Rawhide
5) Eight Days a Week
6) In between days
7) Lola
8) Dreaming of you
9) Dreaming
10) Echo Beach
11) Bye Bye Love
12) Baby I love you
13) Hurry up Harry 
14) The Letter
15) Return to Sender
16) I can see clearly now
17) I fought the law
18) Poker Face
19) I'm into something good
20) Ring of Fire
21) Urban Spaceman
22) I wanna be like you
23) Only You
24) King of the Road
25) All of me
26) Blitzkreig Bop
27) Teenage Kicks
28) Surfin' USA
29) Pricetag
30) Valerie
31) Come up and see me
32) Psycho Killer 
33) Sloop John B
34) Paint it black
35) Hi Ho Silver Lining
36) Should I stay or should I go
37)Happy Birthday to you